The National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) is a professional, nonprofit organization dedicated to the utilization and proficiency of scent detector dogs for the benefit of Law Enforcement and Private Industry.

The purpose of the NNDDA is to provide training pertaining to the laws of search and seizure, utilizing scent detector dogs and a method of certification for court purposes.

The NNDDA is open to local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel and any private industry personnel, over the age of eighteen (18), who is involved in scent detection with NNDDA's in the workplace and who's company is a member in good standing with NNDDA.

The NNDDA started in 1978 in Nacogdoches Texas, originating with twelve (12) K-9s and handlers from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi and has now grown to represent more than eighteen hundred members and twenty eight (28) states throughout the United States, we also have members in Canada and Mexico.

NNDDA was incorporated in 1986 in the state of Mississippi with the office of record at Mississippi Department of Corrections, Parchman Mississippi The NNDDA host an Annual Training Seminar usually in the month of March or April.

There are area certifications at different locations and dates throughout the year. Certification is for a given K-9 and handler as a team, and is good for one (1) year.

To be eligible to certify a k-9, one must be a full time paid law enforcement officer, or corrections officer either local, state, federal or retired officer or be employed by a private investigation firm who is a member in good standing with NNDDA. The handler must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to certify a K-9.

The Certification Official shall have the final decision in all certifications offered by the NNDDA.

NNDDA Certification are for a given K-9 and handler, is non transferable and is the property of NNDDA.

Founding Fathers

John Chandler - Retired
Billy Smith - Retired
Robert "Bobby" McFadden - Retired

National Judges

First Name Last Name Office
Alan Bonds Judge
Robin Fields Judge
Glenn Vaughen Judge
Chris Vaughen Judge
Carole Baroni Judge
David Garrison Judge
Philip Goodwin Head Judge