The National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) is a professional, nonprofit organization dedicated to the utilization and proficiency of police service, utility, or scent detection dogs for the benefit of Law Enforcement. Qualified Private Industry can also certify in scent detection.

The NNDDA started in 1978 in Nacogdoches Texas, originating with twelve (12) K-9 handlers from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi and has now grown to represent more than twenty five hundred members and twenty eight states throughout the United States, as well as members in Mexico and Canada.

In addition to NNDDA sponsored K-9 training seminars held during the year, the NNDDA holds an annual training seminar where hundreds of K-9 handlers come to attend the excellent training and a friendly competition with each other.

During this time, these officers share their ideas and experiences with each other that they are finding in their many different cities, states, and communities from across the country.

While our organization began in the field of narcotics detection, we have grown and expanded with the membership and now have training and certifications in police service, utility, and explosive detection.

The use of these K-9 teams throughout the world today are being tested everyday in assuring the safety of our great country.

There are certifications at different locations and dates throughout the year. Certification is for a given K9 and handler as a team, good for one calendar year, non transferable, and is the property of the NNDDA.

The certifying official shall have the final decision in all certifications offered by the NNDDA.


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