Using our website with older computers.

K9 computer

We occasionally have users that are unable to submit their online payments. If the symptom is the hourglass of death, most often this is related to an older, less secure web browser like Internet Explorer.

Advancing web technology making you web browser obsolete isn’t new. We’ve all dealt with this since the beginning of the internet. However the bar is even higher with regard to online payment security.

Over just the past year the need for better security has really forced website operators to up their game and in many cases simply turn off older technologies that were vulnerable to attacks. The downside, if you are using an older web browser, is that some services will no longer work.

Of course for most users its easy, not to mention a good idea, to keep your browser up to date. If you use a computer in an office and are unable to update, you may be able to install a different browser such as Google Chrome. In some cases you may have to ask your system administrator for help.