Longtime K9 Member, Sergeant Chris Jenkins Killed

Chris Jenkins

Loudon County, TN – Loudon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Sergeant Chris Jenkins died in the line of duty the morning of Thursday February 3rd. while responding to a ladder that had fallen out of a utility van and was blocking traffic. While he was in the roadway attempting to retrieve the ladder, a tractor-trailer failed to reduce speed and crashed into two motorists’ vehicles and his patrol unit.

Sergeant Jenkins and his son Clay served on Loudon County Sheriff’s Office together.

The complete story is available here: https://policetribune.com/hero-down-loudon-county-sheriffs-sgt-chris-jenkins-killed-while-removing-ladder-from-interstate/https://policetribune.com/hero-down-loudon-county-sheriffs-sgt-chris-jenkins-killed-while-removing-ladder-from-interstate/